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Our Products

We Offer a Whole Range of Steel Products

We have one of the most extensive ranges of high-quality steels in Europe, Africa, Americas and Middle East. For us, highest quality is essential. This is why all materials are sourced exclusively from premium producers.

Our Products At a Glance

h beam

Hot Rolled Long Steel Products

Our range of Hot Rolled long steel products includes I-Beams, H-Beams, U-Channels, Equal and Unequal Angels.

Hot Rolled Flat Steel Products

We offer Hot Rolled Coils, Hot Rolled Sheets and Hot Rolled Plates in our range of Hot Rolled flat steel products.

Semi-Finished Steel Products

We offer Semi-Finished Steel Billets and Steel Slabs in our range of semi-finished steel products.

Hot Rolled Long Steel Products


What are H-Beams?

H-Beam category includes HEB beams, HEM beams and HEA beams, also known as wide-flange beams. As a result of their particularly high load-bearing capacity, H beams are frequently used for horizontal support. For example, if a ceiling is to be supported, these wide-flange beams can be used.


What are I-Beams?

I-beams consists of two horizontal planes called flanges which are connected by a vertical component called web. The shape of the flanges and the web form an "I" cross-section. I-beams can be found in a variety of weights, cross-sections, depths, flange widths, web thicknesses and other specs for different purposes.


What are U-Channels?

U-Channels are the basic components of a stud frame in drywall construction. Made of steel sheet, they are usually measured by linear meters. Because of its geometry, the steel U-Channel is very stable and is suitable as a universal and modern construction element.

Equal and Unequal Angle

What are angled steel?

Angle steel bars can be either equal angle or unequal angle, and both of them can have wide range of applications. Equal angle steel bars have excellent strength, and are known to provide top quality workability with no deformation at all. Unequal angle steel, on the other hand, has varying side lengths that are usually visible to the naked eye.

Crane Rails

What Are Crane Rails?

Designed for gantry cranes and ground cranes in ports, warehouses and shipyards, crane rails are available in various thicknesses and sizes. Crane rails are widely used for transporting heavy objects having high load capacity. The height of crane rails is low and their head width and waist thickness are high.

Hot Rolled Flat Steel Products

Hot Rolled Coils

What Are Hot Rolled Coils?

Hot rolled coils (HRC) are a type of sheet products that are similar to coiled steel strip and are produced in hot rolling mills. Such products are widely used in construction, engineering, automotive, general purpose pipe, construction, oil and gas, and specialty pipe, in addition to being a starting material for the further production of cold-rolled products.

Hot Rolled Sheets

What Are Hot Rolled Sheets?

Hot rolled sheet is steel that has undergone rolling at a temperature above its recrystallization temperature (usually 1700° F or higher). When compared to unprocessed steel, the processed material has improved formability and workability, which makes it easier to machine in subsequent processing operations. Hot-rolled sheets are widely used in Structural Components (Railroad Tracks, I-Beams, Sheet Metal), Agricultural Equipment, Metal Buildings and Stampings.

Hot Rolled Plates

What Are Hot Rolled Plates?

Hot Rolled plates are flat-formed plates of hot-rolled mild steel. Hot Rolled steel is formed by a metal rolling process in which the steel is formed by pressing at temperatures above its recrystallization threshold. As a result, the steel is easier to form and the products are easier to machine.

Semi-Finished Steel Products

Steel Billets

What are Steel Billets?

Billets are freshly made steel that has not yet taken on the shape of a rectangle or metal bar. Billets must first be processed into more usable pieces in order for their products to be sold on the market. Raw steel is not usable in its pure form, so billets must be cast into shape. Although they have already been cast, they have to undergo a number of operations, such as cold and hot forming, in order to be sold or used for various applications.

Steel Slabs

What are Steel Slabs?

Steel slabs are semi-finished steel products which are the result of rolling ingots in a rolling mill or of processing in a continuous casting process. Slabs have a rectangular cross-section and are used as "starting metal" to produce flat products such as steel plates or hot-rolled coils. Slabs are always flat and rectangular and typically have a thickness of 160 mm or more. They are widely used in a surprisingly large number of industries.
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